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Premium ADSL2+ Broadband

ADSL2+ is the next evolution to fast broadband. Currently, with top speeds of up to 20Mbps, streaming video and audio for webcasts operates very smoothly.

With these broadband deals you are sure to reap the benefits from great customer phone support to high speed broadband connection, that operates on a premium grade network.

Why choose one of these Internet plans?

  • Uploads is not counted towards your monthly limit (it's free).
  • The best packages out of all Internet Service Providers in the market.
  • You deal with friendly customer service representatives.
  • Business Broadband.
  • Low congestion during peak period.

Available Contract Term

If you already have a telephone line at your premise, you can have the number ported to us. Contact our customer service team on 1300 304 288 to see if we are able to do that.

Contract Term 12 months 24 months
New Connection $99.00 Free
Number Port-in $99.00 Free

Broadband Plans

These Internet plans only count the downloads. Uploads are not counted towards your monthly limit. And by doing a little bit of broadband comparison on the net, you will find that we are one of the many few that do not count uploads.

Package CodePrice

ADSL2+ 32GB Downloads

$36.30/1 month(s)

ADSL2+ 44GB Downloads

$58.30/1 month(s)

ADSL2+ 84GB Downloads

$69.30/1 month(s)

ADSL2+ 172GB Downloads

$91.30/1 month(s)

Telephone Line Rental

With any Premium ADSL2+ Broadband plan, the Telephone Line Rental is bundled. It is $29.70 per month.

Description Cost
Local 16.5c
National 16.5c per minute
National Cap Capped at $2.20 for 50 minutes
Mobile 33c per minute
Mobile Cap Capped at $2.50 for 10 minutes
13/1300 numbers 33c

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read this carefully as it will help you to understand what will happen whilst we provision your ADSL2+ service.

You will need a Full Telephone Service

  • To qualify for an ADSL2+ Service with us, you will need a Full Telephone Service that is provided by us.
  • If you have a Telephone Service with another Provider, you will need to port your number across to I.S.P.
  • Once your number is with us, we will bill you for line rental and/or call charges you make.
  • If you do not have a Full Telephone Service connected. Then I.S.P. will need to install one at your premise if possible.
  • Standard New Phone Line and ADSL2+ Connection is only $99, on a 12 month contract, if your premise is classified as a SDU (Single Dwelling Unit) and you waived the CSG (Customer Service Guarantee).

All about the broadband service

  • Any routers with Broadcom chipsets will not be fully compatible with this service.
  • If you selected to have your plan shaped when your data limit has been reached, the speed of your downloads will go down to 72kbps.
  • Excess Usage are charged at $11 per GB.
  • Downloads are calculated at 1GB = 1000MB.
  • Any unused data will be forfeited.
  • The download rates are affected by many factors. These include:
    o The length of copper wire from the exchange.
    o The number of other services being used over copper pairs in the same cable by other customers.
    o The configuration and line quality of the copper wire pair between the exchange and your premises.
    o Electrical interference from outside sources (such as electric motors).
    o The configuration of the copper wiring within your premises.
    o Your hardware or modem.
    o The capacity of, load on, and access download rate of the destination host computer which the you're accessing.
  • Applications which are cancelled after processing has commenced, but before the order has been submitted to our wholesaler is subject to a fee of $99. Cancellation requests received after the order has been lodged with our wholesaler will be subject to standard cancellation fees and conditions.
  • Moving your ADSL2+ service to another provider will terminate your Full Telephone Service with us.
  • If your service is moved before your contractual agreement, you will be required to pay-out the full term of your contract period.
  • A Static IP address will incur $11 per month.

Both ADSL2+ and Telephony

  • Moving any part of the Service (either the ADSL2+ connection or the I.S.P. Full Telephone Service) away, will result in total disconnection of the other. Early Termination fee will apply if in contract.
  • Transferring from another ADSL2+ carrier may result in you terminating your ADSL2+ service with that carrier and port your number to us.

Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Scenario

  • If the service is to be installed in a Multiple Dwelling Unit which includes sites with more than 3 floors or greater than 10 units, then you will need to clearly specify this on your signup. This is mandatory, the field technician will need sufficient access to the Internal and/or Main Distribution Frame (MDF).
  • If access to the Distribution Frame(s) is denied, then a service fee of $330 will be charged for a technician to organise access.

Important charges

  • Flagfall is charged at 33c to all non-local calls.
  • All prices are GST inclusive.
  • Standalone Full Telephone Services are not available.
  • Moving your number away to another provider will disconnect your ADSL2+ service.
  • If your service is moved before your contractual agreement, you will be required to pay-out the contract period.
  • If the details you provided in the application form or online signup is incorrect, which inevitably ceased the order to go through, a fee of up to $330 will be payable.

Other Possible Application Charges

  • If any of the information you provide either on the application form or online signup are incorrect which results in the ceasation of the order, a charge of $330 is applicable.
  • ISP may give me one or two appointment dates for a technician to come out to your premise to install and/or complete the order. You or an adult will be required to be present the whole day.
  • If you require those dates changed, you must contact ISP Provisioning no later than 6 working days prior to the first appointment. Otherwise a service fee of $99 will be charged.
  • If you had not notified ISP Provisioning 6 working days prior to the first appointment made, and you were not present when the technician arrived at your premise, you will be charged a service fee of $99 each appointment missed.
  • If you wish to withdraw your application and it has already passed the Point of No Return. Then ISP will charge you $330 Application Cancellation Fee.


  • A charge of $165 is applicable to have your ADSL2+/Telephone bundle relocated if the service has been active for less than 12 months, otherwise it is $132.
  • You may not be able to relocate your current telephone number.

Business Broadband

Follow through to the Business Broadband page for plans primarily suited for businesses. As a matter of fact, we have plenty of businesses using our plans as their Internet connection and utilising the high bandwidth for their VoIP communications.