Business Grade ADSL2+ Broadband Internet

As a business, don't you think that it's important to have a reliable high speed Internet connection? And if something does go wrong, is it important to you that you speak to a real person who knows what they're doing and fast?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then these plans are perfect for you and your business.

With a larger bandwidth, you're able to take advantage of running VoIP through your Broadband Internet connection.

Contract Term

Months Setup Cost
12 $119.95


  • High performance network
  • Priority support
  • Free static ip
  • No high contention
  • Uploads free

ADSL2+ Broadband Internet with Phone Line Packages

Plan Name Downloads Price/month
Biz-1 10GB $69.95
Biz-2 20GB $89.95
Biz-5 50GB $119.95
Biz-10 100GB $179.95

Call Charges through the Telephone Line

Description Cost
Local 16.5c
National 16.5c per minute
National Cap Capped at $2.20 for 50 minutes
Mobile 33c per minute
Mobile Cap Capped at $2.50 for 10 minutes
13/1300 numbers 33c

All these packages shown on this page are Broadband Internet and Phone Line Bundle plans. This means that one can not be without the other.

Non local calls have a 33c flagfall.

Downloads that exceed the monthly limit is charged 1.1c per megabyte on top of monthly price.