In today's business environment, businesses must look to technology as a means of reducing operating expenditure. One way is by having a presence on the Internet, which offers customers the ability to conduct real time transactions. By having a presence on the Internet, a business can utilise eCommerce facilities, which can provide a considerable saving in administration costs.

eCommerce can be utilised in two ways. The first way is for a once off payment. The other way is for periodical payments.

ISP is now offering real time credit card clearing with our eCommerce solution. We are offering total eCommerce solutions at wholesale prices.

What is eCommerce? How does it work?

eCommerce stands for electronic commerce. It allows you to conduct your business on the Internet. Customers can order a product through your web site and pay with their credit card. The credit card information is securely directed to a bank where the payment is processed. Details of the transaction are recorded so you can perform your service or deliver your product accordingly.

Why eCommerce?

eCommerce lets you run your business more effectively and efficiently. With a global audience and very low running costs, no method of transaction has ever been so attractive. Business conducted on-line is cheaper, faster, and more accurate than traditional phone/fax ordering methods. By integrating online sales into your existing business structure, you're effectively employing a whole new sales team to help your business - only much cheaper! Welcome to the Electronic Revolution.

Is it Secure?

Yes! As soon as your customer's details are submitted, they go straight into our eCommerce server on our premises. Because this information is maintained within the payment gateway, there is a significant reduction in the risk of a privacy breach. To make sure the information only reaches us, you can choose SSL encryption or your own secure certificate encryption to work within the shopping cart system. The server itself exceeds the security standards set by banks for electronic transactions.

How do I start?

It's easy to make your business available to the rest of the world. All you have to do is arrange a merchant agreement with a participating bank, set up your on-line shop using your own or our shopping cart system, and host it using one of our eCommerce enabled web hosting plans.

We can help you setup your Terminal I.D. and merchant agreement by giving you details of participating banks.


The number of transactions processed will determine the processing cost. The greater the volume, the cheaper the cost. The maximum transaction fee is $0.44 per transaction (including GST) and a Once Off Setup Fee of $1100.

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