Why choose one of our plans?

Normally everything comes down to price. We believe that ISP has the right price for the great level of service you can expect to receive:

  • Fast Internet
  • Instant Support access with our Great Customer Service team.
  • You talk to a real person.
  • 10 free email addresses with every Internet plan.
  • Free VoIP accounts
  • We are Australian owned and operated; our offices are situated in Sydney.
  • High performance premium grade networks.
  • Low congestions during peak periods; whereas other Internet Service Providers saturate their bandwidth with too many users.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) high performance network
  • 10 FREE email addresses
  • 25MB FREE webspace
  • FREE uploads. Uploads is unmetered and do not affect your data allowance
  • FREE optional shaping for no excess usage charges
  • Additional data blocks available for purchase for when you have reached your monthly allowance and you need a little bit extra
  • Includes a facility for members to check usage history, manage voip credits and sending sms'es
  • No peak or off peak periods
  • suitable for running VoIP
  • suitable to run a Server
  • prioritised and optimised network performance
  • Optional FREE static IP

Centaur Web and Hosted Solutions

An easy solution for the DIY IT expert or Internet enthusiast.

Australian owned and operated.