About ISP

ISP.net.au primary focus is the delivery of information and communication services. Our operations center is located in Alexandria, New South Wales.

Application Service Providing: Our cluster of ubuntu Linux allows us to serve your data with resilence. If you have a custom Application Hosting requirement just ask us for a competitive quote.

Our mission: is to always provide economical access to information & technology using the latest standards.

Our vision: is to increase productivity whilst reducing the overall cost of accessing technology.

The standards and protocols we use include ODP/dMOZ, OpenLaszlo, AJAX, DHTML (inc XML, DOM, CSS 2-3.0).

Our services include:

  • Corporate DSL (upto 6Mbps/640kbps ADSL and 2Mbps/2Mbps SHDSL with Service Levels Agreements of 99.9% uptime)
  • Premium ADSL (Australia-Wide upto 8Mbps/384kbps, 1.5Mbps/256kbps ADSL & 512kbps/512kbps SADSL)
  • National Dialup access (64kbps ISDN/DoV & 56k)
  • eCommerce Gateways: NAB, ANZ, CBA, St George and Westpac. Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, AMEX, Diners & JCB. Direct Debit facilities available.
  • Voice over IP network integration and design. Use the Internet to save money on your telephone calls.
  • Web, Email and DNS Hosting.
  • Wholesale & Rebranded Facilities available.