Virtual Public Server

Virtual Public Servers

Are you an IT expert or just an Internet enthusiast? Do want an easy way to build a server and not have the hardware cost that is involved in setting one up? And do you want to have total control over your VPS?

This is the best way to run your own server!

With over 10 unique "ready-made" VPS templates to choose from (Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle to name a few), you will have your server up and running in no time. Unlike shared hosting all the resources allocated to you is all yours.

Some of the VPS application templates available to you:
ubuntu . pngDebianMoodleWordpressSugarCRMeyeOSMediaWiki

Virtual Public Server Specs:

  • 5GB data traffic
  • 1GB storage
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1 static IP

What is the advantages of a Virtual Public Server over Shared Hosting?

The OS (Operating System) uses 40% storage and 50% RAM on the default minimal installation.

Setup: $0.00

Cost: $13.20 / 1 month(s)

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