ADSL2+ 84GB Downloads

Sometimes we want a little bit more than entry level

because streaming audio and video quite regularly and downloading quite alot of music and movies can use up download quotas pretty quickly.

Wouldn't you want an Internet plan that will meet these needs?

Broadband plans this size are great for downloads

If a movie averages around 1GB (with high compression), then this means you're able to download upto 60 or so movies quite comfortably. But if that's not your cup of tea, and you rather download music, this plan is also perfect for you!

Also great for an office

Alternatively you may have a business with several employees that require high speed Internet and a lot of data. You may even want to run your own inhouse Mail Server, just because the speed is fast. This plan is also perfect for saving cost on calls with Centrixphone Australia quality cost effective voice calls.

On a 24 month contract the Setup fee is free, otherwise the default contract term is 12 months.

Setup: $99.00

Cost: $69.30 / 1 month(s)

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