Billion BiPAC 7404VGOX Wireless VoIP 3G Modem Router

Billion BiPAC 7404VGOX Wireless 3G VoIP Modem Router BiPAC 7404VGX series
3G/VoIP/802.11g ADSL2+ (VPN) Firewall Router Series
with PSTN Fixed-line support

Key Features

  • Dual WAN interfaces for ADSL2+ and 3G connections
  • High speed Internet access with ADSL2 / 2+; backward compatible with ADSL
  • Auto fail-over feature to ensure an always-on connection
  • USB 2.0 port for plugging a 3G / HSDPA modem as backup (available separately)
  • Make phone calls via the Internet as well as PSTN Fixed-line
  • Voice over IP compliant with SIP standard
  • Two FXS ports for connecting to regular telephones (BiPAC 7404VGOX/VGPX)
  • One FXO port for voice calls via PSTN Fixed-line
  • Gateway - Least Cost Routing support (for retail package only)(BiPAC 7404VGOX/VGPX only)
  • 802.11g Wireless AP with WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK support
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
  • 16 IPSec VPN tunnels Support (BiPAC 7404VGOX only)
  • Secured VPN with powerful 3DES (BiPAC 7404VGOX only)
  • SOHO firewall security with DoS prevention and SPI
  • Quality of Service control
  • Supports IPTV Application
  • Ideal for: SOHO users or Office users or Event or meeting organizers

Communication just got cheaper! Make the most economical and secure VoIP calls over a 3G mobile network - with Internet sharing! The BiPAC 7404VGX series, a Dual-WAN 3G / ADSL2+ (VPN) firewall router integrated with VoIP functionalities is a brilliant design for SOHO and office users to enjoy economical VoIP calls concurrently with mobile, high-speed and high-level security of data communications. It features a USB 2.0 port for plugging in a 3G / HSDPA modem, which works as a backup WAN, functioning as an automatic fail-over when an ADSL2+ connection breaks down. The Gateway feature called “Least Cost Routing” enables users to choose the most economical rate of VoIP calls provided by different Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP). This router series integrates an FXS port allowing you to make VoIP calls simply by connecting the device to your existing telephone set. The additional FXO port enables you to make calls through PSTN Fixed-line while sharing a high-speed Internet connection. The Quality of Service (QoS) feature ensures a smooth net connection for inbound and outbound data with minimal traffic congestion. With the BiPAC 7404VGX series, you can create your own mobile hotspot for Wi-Fi access to make low cost landline calls and mobile calls wherever a 3G connection is available - in a meeting or at a trade show.

Truly Cost Saving

Making VoIP calls with toll-quality is extremely simple; just connect the router to your existing telephone sets. The BiPAC 7404VGX series complies with the most popularly adopted VoIP industrial standard, SIP protocol, to ensure the interoperability with SIP devices and major VoIP Gateways. The Gateway feature called “Least Cost Routing” offers the choice of the most economical rate provided by different ITSP. One RJ-11 FXO port is integrated to transmit inbound and outbound calls through PSTN Fixed-line, so that users may still be able to receive phone calls through PSTN, while enjoying VoIP service at the same time. In addition, outgoing calls will be automatically redirected to PSTN when the Internet or VoIP service is not available. The router also supports a wider range of telephony features, such as call waiting, silence suppression, line echo cancellation, caller ID, etc.

3G Mobility and Always-On Connection

With the BiPAC 7404VGX series you can connect a 3G / HSDPA USB modem to its built-in USB port, enabling you to use a 3G / HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, or GSM Internet connection, which makes downstream rates of up to 14.4 Mbps*3 possible. With the increasing popularity of the 3G standard, communication via the BiPAC 7404VGX series is becoming more convenient and widely available - allowing you to watch movies, download music on the road, or access e-mail no matter where you may be. You can even share your Internet connection with others, no matter if you're in a meeting or speeding across the country on a train. The auto fail-over feature ensures maximum connectivity and minimum interruption by quickly and smoothly connecting to a 3G network in the event that your ADSL line fails. The BiPAC 7404VGX series will then automatically reconnect to the ADSL connection when it's restored, reducing connection costs. These features are perfect for office situations where constant and uninterrupted connection is paramount and of upmost importance.

Wireless Mobility and Protection

An integrated 802.11g Wireless Access Point offers quick yet easy access with data encryption for added security. The Wireless Protected Access (WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK) and Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) features enhance the level of transmission security and access control over Wireless LAN. The BiPAC 7404VGX series also supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) standard, allowing users to establish a secure wireless network by simply pushing a button. If your network requires wider coverage, the built-in Wireless Distribution System (WDS) repeater function allows you to expand your wireless network without the need for any external cables.

Secure VPN Connections

The BiPAC 7404VGOX supports embedded IPSec VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocols, allowing users to establish encrypted private connections of up to 16 simultaneous tunnels over the Internet. With a built-in DES / 3DES VPN accelerator, the router enhances IPSec VPN performance significantly - so you can access your corporate intranet and transmit sensitive data between branch offices and remote sites anytime; even when you are on the road, thus enhancing productivity greatly.

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Cost: $0.00 / 1 month(s)

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