ADSL2+ 172GB Downloads

A superior online experience!!!

For business or personal alike

You won't go wrong with ADSL2+. Amazing speeds of up to 20Mbps downstream means that your not waiting around for too long for stuff to download.

An oversize download monthly quota of 172GB, now that's BIG!

What can we say about this Internet plan? The data allowance just speaks for itself. Uploads is not counted towards your monthly data allowance, whereas some other Internet providers do count uploads which effectively reduces how much you can download.

What happens when I reached my limit?

There are two options:
1) you can have your connection shaped for the rest of the month and not pay anything extra, or
2) you still have the speed rates but opt to pay 1.1cents per Megabyte for data downloaded on top of the monthly limit. But by default the connections are shaped.

Save money with VoIP

Couple this plan with Centrixphone Australia quality cost effective voice calls, then you will see some serious savings!

Free Setup on a 24 month contract or defaults to 12 months.

Setup: $99.00

Cost: $91.30 / 1 month(s)

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