ADSL2+ 32GB Downloads

Phone Line and Internet Bundle

You're given a substantial amount of data to play with, 32GB of downloads to be precise. What can you do with 32GB? Besides the general web browsing and youtube viewing, you may also be able to download a couple of movies and several music albums. All legitimately ofcourse!

Is it fast enough? YES!

With speeds of up to 20Mbps, streaming high definition video and audio is a breeze and these days it's all about the High Definition. Your actual speed is determined by the distance the copper cable runs from your premise to the nearest telephone exchange. The shorter that cable is, the better speed you can attain.

Is there a setup fee?

If you opt to go on a 24 month contract, then the Setup fee is free!

Default contract term is 12 months.

Setup: $99.00

Cost: $36.30 / 1 month(s)

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