Premium ADSL1 Broadband

Since the first time ADSL1 was introduced, broadband connections were average in terms of reliability and speed. ADSL1 frequently lost connection.

Over 9 years later, ADSL1 has matured to reliable speeds boasting at up to 8Mbps. And with price drops, they've become even more affordable and easily attainable. With provisioning times as quick as the next day to 1 week.

Available Contract Terms

Pick a contract term that is suitable for you. If you are renting and you have a 12 month lease, it is best to go with either the 12 or 6 month contract term.

Contract Term 6 months 12 months 24 months
Rapid Transfer $33 Free N/A
New Connection $165 $132 $110

ADSL 1 Broadband Plans

ADSL1 Internet speeds range from 1.5mbps and up to 8mbps downstream. Inexpensive broadband plans start from $69.30 per month.

Package CodePrice

1.5Mbps ADSL 50GB Downloads

$69.30/1 month(s)

1.5Mbps ADSL 224GB Downloads

$143.00/1 month(s)

Up to 8Mbps ADSL 60GB Downloads

$88.00/1 month(s)


You can either purchase one of these routers listed below and we will pre-configure them before shipping to your address. Alternatively if you already own a modem/router then you can configure it with the username and password we give you.

Things you should know

  • All plans are subject to ISP's Terms & Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy
  • All data limit plans have an excess data usage charge of $11/GB which is charged at $0.011 per MB.
  • Disconnections that occur before the contract term will incur an Early Termination fee of $99.
  • The service is a "Best Effort" delivery.
  • If you are moving premises, a relocation only applies if you are able to relocate your existing telephone number to where you are moving to. If not, then you must request for a Termination. An early termination fee may apply if you are still in a contract.
  • If your telephone line for any reason is disconnected, the ADSL codes may be dropped. To re-establish the codes a fee of $99 may be applicable.
  • For the purpose of calculation, 1GB = 1000MB
  • When either your on peak or off peak data allowance is reached, your connection will be slowed down to 72kbps/72kbps for the remainder of that month.
  • The actual speed you experience depends on a number of factors, including, your equipment, the quality and location of your line, including how far your connection is from the local telephone exchange, the applications you are using, the capacity and speed of our systems, the systems of our suppliers, and the Internet generally. For these reasons, you should not expect your actual speed to be at or near the theoretical maximum.