xDSL - What are the benefits?

  • Cost-effective solution for Residential & Business customers - no call or phone line costs
  • Simultaneous Internet and voice/fax capabilities over a single telephone line
  • Speeds 5-100 times faster than a conventional 56kbps modem
  • Great Rates. There's a choice of competitive plans. Whether for business or personal use, there's one to suit you.
  • Uninterrupted, high-speed Internet access that's always on-line
  • No waiting time to connect - you're online as soon as your pc is on.
  • No Busy Signals. There's no need to install a second phone line with your DSL connection.
  • no line drop outs.
  • Immediate Helpdesk and Personal Service
  • No need for a second line dedicated to the Internet - you can be on the net and never miss a call
  • Unlimited Number of Network Users
  • Play games, listen to music and watch video streaming in real time
  • You can be online and able to experience the vastly increased speed ADSL technology offers – with little or no additional costs.
  • Just imagine downloading CD quality music, playing real time games or downloading and transferring multi-media in the blink of an eye.
  • Super fast and gives you access to the Internet at speeds that make traditional 28K or 56K modems seem pre-historic!.

Other benefits of being an Fantel customer:

  • Manage your account online.
  • 10MB personal web space for your own homepage.