Why use VoIP?

What do you instantly think of when you hear the word voip?

In the past, only a rare few ventured into voip and normally businesses hesitated in using a voip service due to the slower broadband speeds and voip being in it's infancy. Normally calls made through voip were near to never perfect. This brought a challenge to businesses.

These days, with the fast speeds you can get from your broadband connection and voip call quality have matured to almost near to landline quality and sometimes even better. Voip has definitely come a long way and have gained in popularity, not only amongst individuals, but also amongst businesses.

The benefits of using voip are:

  • Low call rates, for local, mobile and international.
  • No hefty monthly line rental.
  • Usable at many locations. Your not limited to one location.
  • cost effective voice routers.

And with ATU's voice experts, you're bound to find the perfect solution for you.